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The new Honda CD 70 is now available to buy in Karachi. The bike, which was first launched last year and went on sale internationally at the end of January this year will be exclusively sold by Atlas Honda representatives across Pakistan starting tomorrow!
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Honda CD 70 2022 Model New Sticker

Atlas Honda has unveiled the Honda CD 70 2022 model with brand new sticker but not much else is different in the motorcycle when it comes to looks. However, the company has claimed that there are 101 design changes when it comes to the frame and engine collectively.

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Atlas Honda is the leading brand for motorcycles in Pakistan. It produces a variety of models, from small choppers to sport bikes with powerful engines that provide riders an exciting ride all across town!
The 70cc mode 2022 model by honda comes equipped with many features including LED headlamps and taillights powered by lithium ion batteries; these help make it more convenient during nighttime driving

Honda 70 Price in Pakistan 2022

The Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is increased on 16-07-2021 by Rupees 2400. previously the Price of Honda CD 70 was 84,500. the Rate of Honda Motorcycle 70 CC 2022 is changed and New Rate of Honda Motorcycle in Pakistan is 86,900.

Honda CD 70 2022 New Model Sticker – Price With New Changes

New Price of Honda 70 cc Motorcycle in changed and Honda seventy 2022 price increased wef 16 July 2021. The honda 70 rates are increased 04 time in a year 2022. Rupees 2400 Price Increased of Honda 70 CC Motor Cycle. New Price of Honda 70 CC Motorcycle 2022 in Pakistan is now 86900.

Honda 70cc 2022 Model HC Pictures

Honda 125 New Model 2022 will also be uploaded soon. keep visiting for all honda motorcycle 2022 model. Atlas Honda CD 70 New Modle 2022 Photos are uploaded. download HD Pictures of Honda 70 New Model 2022. Honda 70 Model 2022 images are uploaded. download pictures of honda 70 new model 2022

Honda CD 70 New Model 2022

Atlas Honda has unveiled the latest Honda CD 70 2022 with a brand new sticker. The Honda CD 70 2022 Price in Pakistan is very competitive in comparison with the competitors. The motorcycle comes with 101 design changes for the frame and engine collectively, as per the company’s claims. However, the motorcycle looks the same apart from the new adhesive sticker. Honda CD 70 has been the most popular motorcycle since its inception in the 1980s due to its durability, reliable engine and easy maintenance. The motorbike has the top resale value in its class, which is considered very important for Pakistanis when buying any type of vehicle.

Honda CD 70 2022 Black Color

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