CG125 Self – Atlas Honda Price in Pakistan 2022 Special Edition

The company that has been bringing new models of motorcycles to Pakistan for more than three decades, Atlas Honda is back once again. Introducing the latest CG125 from their stable – a bike which can be used by anyone who needs an affordable yet perform-ant motorcycle on wheels! This particular model will help you get where ever your heart desires with ease and comfort ability while also being fuel efficient too thanks its automatic transmission system designed specifically for this type vehicles so it won’t break down at any point during operation like most other bikes do when they use manual gearboxes instead

Atlas Honda Ltd.’s newest addition into our market,’The New’ HONDA Cg 125M Motor Cycle 2014

People from all over Pakistan are

Honda Atlas is Pakistan’s first and only authorized Honda assembler. They manufacture vehicles under three different brands – Civic, Accord or Prelude- that are sold exclusively at their dealerships throughout the country!

The company also produces cars for export markets including Bangladesh where they put all of its expertise to work making sleek sub compact models similar in style but not size compared with those made locally which have been popular sellers due largely because people can’t get enough affordable transportation options within our borders so this way everyone gets what he wants without having his choice limited by cost

It Production started in Pakistan in 1962 and a large number of Motorbike of Honda 125 new Model are running on roads and people purchase this 125 New Model 2020 when it comes in the market.

Atlas Honda Pakistan motorcycle 125 New Model 2022

Honda CG125 & CG125 Self are available in two colors Red And Black color. New Honda CG125 Self with Five gears transmission and self-start feature.

Honda bike price in Pakistan 2021:

New Honda CG125 Price: 124,500.

New Honda CG125 Self Price:146,900/=

Honda CG 125 Technical Specification

Modern Black Painted Muffler Exhaust with Breathtaking Sound
Fuel Tank with Stylish Graphics
Newly Designed Speedometer
Comfortable Seat Bar
Powerful Japanese Technology OHV 125cc Engine
Firm and Durable Rear Wheel

Atlas Honda Limited
1-McLeod Road, Lahore-54000
Ph: (92-42) 37225015-17,37233515-17 | Fax: (92-42) 37233518,37351119
E-mail: [email protected] | Customer Contact Center: (042) -111-245-222

The new prices are:
BikeOld Price(PKR)Revised Price (PKR)Increase(PKR)
YB125 Z163,000176,00013,000
YB125 Z DX175.500190,00014,500

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