Changan Karvaan – Spacious Luxury Van | Price Changan Pakistan 2022

If you want to buy a family car then must select chanagan Karvaan because of its high number seats. In 2022, this Chinese based company announced the price for their new model in Pakistan which is much more affordable than other models from multinational brands but still has all features any person needs while driving around town or going on long road trips
In recent years we have seen an increase not only in quality vehicles but also those made domestically here at home with help by our government as well- now many people can enjoy buying these great cars without having too much trouble finding one near them thanks so much! On the other hand, many of the people are doing different business like they are using for the transportation as well as many of the people are using for tours. Now, the company has introduced one more variant in this model with some extra features and specifications. This vehicle is much better as compared to Suzuki Bolan. Further, info regarding Changan Karvaan Price in Pakistan 2022 and specification along with features is listed below.

Changan Karvaan Price in Pakistan 2022

Recently, the prices of all vehicles have been changing and people are now more interested in Changan Karavan. The latest price for this classic vehicle is 1.5  Million rupees with an engine capacity 1000cc (or liters) which makes it quite powerful! Have a look at its specifications below:

Changan Karvaan Seating Capacity

The vehicle’s seating capacity is important, which means that manufacturers take this into account when they’re designing a car. The foam seats add to the comfort level of those who ride in them by making it feel like you’ve got your own personal oasis for miles around!

Changan Karvaan Fuel Average

This is a powerful and fuel efficient vehicle. The engine size of this car makes it the best choice for those who are looking to have good mileage from their purchase, as well as having an average that won’t require them buy gas often or pay extra due in driving more than other cars on similar lists would offer you with gasoline-guzzling vehicles!

This means I can go far without stopping at gas stations because my 1000cc mill isn’t too big like many others out there these days – which saves me money every time i drive throughout any distance whatsoever . With 12 km per liter (or 10+ kilometres) , this classy little sports coupe will get me where i need/wish

Changan Karvaan Fuel Tank Capacity

People want to gather the Changan Karvaan Fuel Tank Capacity that is high as compare to other vehicles. Now, you can put around 40-liter petrol in a fuel tank. On the other hand, after a one-time fuel tank, you can easily travel 400 KM without any tension.

Changan Karvaan Interior

The company inserted a lot of specifications in this interior as well as the interior design. It has made it wide to compare with Suzuki Bolan’s dashboard, which gives them an edge that makes customers stay loyal and buy more cars from their dealership than any other brand out there! For entertainment, they have installed LED in the middle of the dashboard.

Changan Karvaan Specification

Kerb Weight1130 KG
Mileage10 – 12 KM/LITER
No of Doors5 doors
Overall Height1890 mm
Overall Length3980 mm
Overall Width1620 mm
Seating Capacity7 persons
Air ConditionerYes
CD Player            No
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid  Yes
Tachometer      Yes
Cup Holders      Yes
AM/FM Radio   Yes

Changan Karvaan – Spacious Luxury Van | Price Changan Pakistan 2022

The price of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,399,000 for the base variant to PKR 1,539,000 for the top of the line variant.

All the specifications and features of this vehicle are mentioned on this page and those people who want to buy another company firstly they can read the specification and features of this vehicle and then decide.

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