How to Check Online Your Driving License – DLIMS Tracking

Driving license management system in Pakistan
Driving on the road requires a license from your government, and if you don’t have one they can take legal action against you. The Driving Licence Information Management System DLIMS is where all these licenses come into being which regulate who has access to them as well as their status updates with verified information like date of birth or citizen card number amongst other things; this department also organizes driver exams for people looking forward  to getting behind wheel without any hiccups!

If you have your driving license, it is important to make sure that the card has been registered under Punjab’s DLIMS tracking system. You can do this by going online and verifying via a very easy process. If for some reason or another – such as an expired/lost license–you are unable too renew or upgrade then there may still be hope in getting back on track with new IDP-DLI schemes available from our helpful team here at Dlls Testing Services! Keep on reading to get both these methods from this page.

Online Verify DLIMS Tracking Driving Licence Punjab

Verify License

Now, you can verify the DLIMS Tracking Driving Licence Punjab Verify Online as well and those people who have made a request after clicking on above link will be able to check their accounts.

How Can I Check My Driving License Status in Punjab?

  • First of all, you are informed that DLIMS is a government department that is working for holding and regulating the driving license.
  • If you have received your driving license you must have to verify it online and the procedure is very simple.
  • You simply have to enter your CNIC card number without dashes and press the verification button.
  • If your license record is available in the database of the Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) the system will successfully verify your license. Otherwise, you will get an error message like “License Data Not Found”.
  • In this case, you must have to visit your nearest Traffic Police office along with your license card.

Verify Driving Licence Number Punjab Online

  • Visit the “”.
  • Enter the Driving License No
  • Click on the Track Option.
  • If your driving license is valid then your information will show on your screen.
  • Besides if your driving license is invalid then the information will not show on your screen.

If you’ve applied for a driver’s license, but haven’t yet received it in the mail or online portal of your state Department of Motor Vehicles (DLIMS), then tracking is required. The ID application must be verified and approved before receiving any type if verification from DMV that includes an original copy birth certificate with photo identifying documents such as Social Security card applicant signature on file at least two weeks prior to applying for initial issuance-a requirement regarding resident aliens who cannot furnish proof they reside continuously within one state since their legal residence has ended; also pass written examinations covering traffic laws pertaining solely to motor vehicles registered under this State’s law).

DLIMS is a great way to verify your license with the government. Once you have completed this process, it’s ready for use and allows more flexibility in case of lost or expired licenses!

In order to start using my driving privileges legally I had two options: 1) Apply online 2) Come into an agency near me where they can take photos as well as obtain copies from previous documents like birth certificates if needed*. The first thing worth noting here was how easy everything seemed once logged onto their website – all one has do** now

But if you have not verified your license then you are still illegal on roads while driving.


Q.N.1. How can I track my driving Licence in Punjab?
ANS: Now, you can check the driving license in Punjab because just visit the official page and enter their tracking number. Moreover, you can visit the nearest traffic police and then generate information about their driving license.
Q.N.1. How do I check if my driving Licence is ready?
ANS: Sometimes they ready the driving license but people are unaware. Now traffic police have introduced the method of how to check driving license is ready. So just open the transport department official and then enter their tracking number. If your driving license is ready then appears on your screen.
Q.N.1. How can I find my driving license number online?
ANS: Just enter their registration number and your driving licence number will show on your screen. Moreover, you can visit the nearest office and they will take some primary information and then give them your driving license number.
Q.N.1. How can I download a driving Licence in Punjab?
ANS: Open the official page and then give the registration number. After enter your driving license registration number portal will show on your screen.

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