Ghani Gi 150cc 2021 New Model Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Pictures, latest features

The new Ghani Gi 150cc 2022 is a light sport bike with amazing features that includes the double silencer found in larger bikes. It also has an attractive headlight and handle, which are two things typically seen on motorcycles for commuting purposes. The shape of this particular model makes it more comfortable while being fuel efficient at fewer emissions because its engine isn’t as powerful- making riding fun without breaking your wallet! It is also equipped with a digital speedometer. Its tail light is also the increases its beauty. Its performance is also very impressive. It can argue 10 seconds is a short time to just jump to a final conclusion.

The Ghani Gi 150cc 2022 model is not just a regular bike. It’s an electric starter with 4-stroke, 2 valves engine that powers you up hills and through traffic lights on its hill climbing mode! It also has regenerative breaking for added safety when stopping abruptly without losing power to speed yourself back up again. If these features are not enough motivation then I don’t know what will make this product more appealing than any other before it…
This revolutionary step by local company in Pakistan comes equipped both working class males like myself as well as upper middle class ladies who ride bikes daily but struggle due too complications arising from carrying babies while cycling

Ghani Gi 150cc 2022 Price in Pakistan is not officially announced while this bike exists in Pakistan. On the other hand, engine-wise this bike is strong as compared to other china models’ bikes. Specifications and features of this bike are going to list below. Moreover, you can look at this bike below the pictures.

Features of the Ghani Gi 150cc:

  • Strong double silencer
  • Engine Guard to protect the engine from scratches
  • Wonderful mileage
  • Elegant design with new graphics
  • Headlight with an anti-collision fender stay
  • Front disk brake
  • Equipped with the latest modern technology

Specifications of Ghani Gi 150cc:

Engine4-Stroke, Air Cooled, SOHC, 2 valves, Double cylindersDisplacement150
Bore & StrokeN/ACompression RatioN/A
ClutchN/ATransmissionConstant Mesh 5 Speed
StartingSelf/Kick StartFrameN/A
Dimension (Lxwxh)N/AGround ClearanceN/A
Petrol CapacityN/ATyre at FrontN/A
Tyre at BackN/ADry WeightN/A

Before buying this bike, one must read the specification of it because there are many bikes in its market who offer a cheap rate but they don’t give these types features and specifications.

Ghani Gi 150cc 2022 Price in Pakistan New Model

The world of motorcycling is getting more and more competitive. But, what if we told you that there was an Indian brand with unbeatable prices and specs? We introduce Ghani Gi 150cc 2022 price in Pakistan new model features specifications pictures! Further, this bike now exists in the market and you can buy it. Ghani company is not a name this is a brand that is providing the best quality vehicle for traveling.

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