Honda CG 125 2022 New Model | Honda125 Euro 2 Price In Pakistan

Honda is the largest motorcycle brand company in Pakistan which produces a large number of motorcycles for sale. It has been said that most people all over this country trust on Honda’s products and here we have their new model, CG 125 2022!

Despite the recent price hike by Honda, I am still excited to buy a new bike in 2022. The expected cost of this year’s model is Rs. 142,500 and hopefully there will be no more increases during 2021! It must have been very frustrating for customers who were affected when their last upgrade was implemented six months ago; prices went up by as much as 5 KGS on all bikes across models which are now sold at higher costs due largely because taxes have increased too (a 15% increase).
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Honda CG 125 2022 Model Specification

Engine4-Stroke OHV Air Cooled
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5 mm
StartingKick Start
Final DriveRoller Chain
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
Dimension(LxWxH)1911 x 732 x 1016 mm
Seat Height771 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Petrol Capacity9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters)
Wheel Base1201 mm
Tire at Front2.50 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire at Back3.00 – 17 (6 PR)
Suspension FrontTelescopic Fork 103 mm Travel
Suspension BackSwing Arm 68 mm Travel
Dry Weight99kg

Honda CG 125 New Model 2022

Honda has a new model that is made in Pakistan for the people of this country. Atlas Honda, which produces motorcycles and other vehicles across many different brands to meet demand from customers all over Pakistan’s terrain; they’re excited about getting their hands on these bikes!
The Honda CG 125 New Model 2022 by HONDA will be available at dealerships soon so now would be a great time if you are looking into purchasing one because I bet once it comes out no ones gonna have them anymore…Honda CG 125 Latest Sticker

For 2021, the Honda CG 125 gets an interesting new update with its latest sticker. And it’s assumed that in 2022 they will redefine this model yet again for a more modernized look and feel – but have no fear! For now we’ll just enjoy all these beautiful features at their current price point of $4199 USD before taxes come out (which are included).

Specifications of Honda CG 125 2022 Model:

The best way to find a Honda is at your local dealership. The dealerships in Atlas have the newest models, which will give you an edge over other potential buyers!
-The 125 NEW MODEL 2022 stickers were just changed and we’re excited for all of our customers who are getting this exciting new vehicle from us soon!” The Latest HD Pictures of Honda 125CC New Model 2022 will be available here. images of honda 125 new model 2022. Check Online Photos of honda 125 new model 2022. honda 125 2022 model photos.

The new model Honda 125 has special features that are not available in the past version of this bike. You will enjoy a new 4 stroke Ohv Air-cooled engine to stream your distance. Honda Motorcycle Rate in 2022 is changed and the New Rate of Honda 125 Motorcycle 2022 Model is 142500.

Its Production started in Pakistan in 1962 and a large number of Motorbikes of Honda 125 new Model 2022 are running on roads and people purchase this 125 New Model 2022 when it comes in the market.

Honda 125 New Model 2022 Black

The new model Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan is “PKR 1,42 500/=”. The difference between a few hundred may be found from district to districts but the average cost should stay consistent throughout all areas of Punjab province as well across Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). In order for consumers who are looking into purchasing this product or service they might want check with their local dealer about any changes before making an educated decision on what type and size vehicle will best suit them needs at hand since prices can differ significantly depending upon where you shop around
For example: A locally produced motorcycle by any other name costs approximately PKR 60 thousand whereas imported bikes have been known to sell any where from 80-120K(pricing varies per brand The New Price of Honda 125 Motorcycle in changed and Honda 125 price increased wef July, 2021. honda 125 rate increased 04th time this year. Rupees 3000 Price Increased of Honda 125 Motor Cycle New Model 2022.

Please refrain from fake videos and reviews about the Honda CG 125 2022 model stickers as the company has not revealed any official information about the upcoming motorcycle yet.

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