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Hyundai H1 Van 2022 is a perfect family and passengers unit which is coming in three different variants; Hyundai H1 Bus 2.4L 9-seater, Hyundai H1 Multicab wagon 2.5 Diesel 6-seater, and the H1 Bus 2.5 diesel 9-seater. All these models of Hyundai H1 wagon have different drive trains and power trains which I have discussed in this post.

You may think the Hyundai H1 Van 2020 is something that’s just for Americans but you’ll be surprised to know it has a lot of demand in Pakistan too. Why? Well, this van due its dimensions and market requirements – scroll down to find out more about its price point when released as well as pictures!

Hyundai H1 Van 2022 New Model

The wait between new models from Korean auto-makers can sometimes seem everlasting at times; however there are always people who want them despite their long timeframes since last release which means they won’t go unnoticed by us either way (especially considering how affordable some vehicles might get). With all things considered today we wanted share

Korean vehicle manufacturers Hyundai have released the new model of Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Price in Pakistan.

Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Price in Pakistan:

Looking for the latest price of Hyundai H1 Van 2022 in Pakistan? You can find it here. And if they change their prices again, then we’ll update this page accordingly!

Hyundai H1 Van Price in PKRRs. 4,549,000 To 5,899,000.

Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Exterior:

The 2022 Hyundai H1 is a tough, exterior-focused vehicle. The front and rear of this model are both covered with chrome accents that add to its overall sleekness as well as the gloss black color scheme inside! There are also plenty of round LED lights for illumination when needed in low light conditions or darkness; these make it easy to see at night time thanks so much park distance control system built right into strategically placed mirrors on each side door handle – perfect if you live by yourself without many neighbors close by who might need your attention while driving home from work late one afternoon (or early morning). The wagon has both side sliding doors which allows you to enter freely and easily inside the wagon. Six spokes 15” inches steel rim wheels have maximum turning radius which allows the driver to turn the vehicle at a 300-degree angle which is amazing.

Hyundai H1 2022 Price, Interior, Specs | Latest Car Reviews

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Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Interior:

The interior of the Hyundai H1 van 2022 is just as incredible and spacious on all four sides, with 9 or six person seating capacity for maximum comfort. With plenty of room to stretch your legs without feeling cramped up against someone else’s hip during those long drives in between cities where you’re transporting goods from one place A-Z! Seats are upholstered with an optional leather finish matched with the color you choose.

Front seats have airbags while all the seats have seat belts option which is a safer way of journey. The front and rear seats have an Aircon while all the cab is air-conditioned. Besides these, there are lots of interior features of this Hyundai H1 Wagon which I have discussed in the following side.

Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Launch Date in Pakistan:

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new vehicle to add into the mix, but luckily for you that all changed with this van! It has everything from an automatic emergency braking system and collision warning systems built right in so no one can get hurt. And don’t worry about having room inside; there is plenty of space left over after accounting both rear seats as well as storage underneath both front ones – perfect if someone else needs their stuff too because they are coming along on vacation or business trip sometime soon (who knows!).

This powerful yet safe vehicle will finally come out when p reorders open up next month with customers getting first crack at purchasing them before release date arrives later down

In order to get the update about its Hyundai H1 Van Launch Date in Pakistan, you have to frequently visit or bookmark this site.

Key Features of Hyundai H1 Van 2022

The features of this car are as follows:

  • Remote Keyless Entry and Alarm
  • Bluetooth USB MP3 and iPod connectivity
  • Cruise Control
  • Air Con
  • Left and Right Sliding Doors
  • Electric Front Windows
  • Front Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Large cargo capacity & versatility
  • Side Airbags
  • Auto Air-conditioner
  • USB MP3 and iPod connectivity
  • Cruise control for those long drives
  • Dropdown DVD players for passengers
  • Rear park distance control
  • Optional leather interior finish
  • Cargo or passenger-carrying versatility
  • Hyundai safety features
  • Uni-body construction
  • Roof Racks
  • Tow Bar
  • Sunglasses Case
  • Map Lights
  • Front & Rear Seat Aircon
  • Double Glovebox
  • Dual Door Pockets

These are all the features of this car.

Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows;

H1 Passengers Bus2.4 Liter Petrol Power (9 seaters)
H1 Multicab2.5 Diesel Power (6 seaters)
H1 Commercial Wagon2.5 Diesel Power (9 Seater)
Power and Torque·          2.4L Petrol-126kW @ 6000-227Nm @ 4200 

·          2.5L Diesel-125kW @ 3800-392Nm @ 2000-2500

Seating6 Persona and 9 Persons (Depends Upon Variant You Choose)
Fuel Tank55 Liter
Consumption/ Mileage:
H1 2.4 WagonGLS 12.2 l/100 km 8.2 km/liter
H1 2.5CRDi WagonGLS 11.8 l/100 km 8.4 km/liter
Overall Length:5125mm
Overall Width:1710mm
Overall Height:1925mm
Tyres/ Wheels
RimAlloy Rims
Number of Tyres4
Brakes (Front)Ventilated Discs
Brakes (Rear)Drums
Color Options:
1Ceramic White
2Hyper Metallic Silver
3Timeless Black

These are all the specifications of this car. Hyundai H1 Van 2022 Price in Pakistan will be here soon.

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