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Kiran Digest is a monthly digest published in Urdu and distributed throughout Pakistan. It was first introduced to the masses back in October 1951, when it released its very first issue containing selected articles from various literary magazines such as Anjuman Tarraqi Pasand Musannifeen (Peshawar), Aleemiyah Magazine (Lahore) etcetera. The magazine has been publishing Indian epics like Ramayana on regular basis for over fifty years now; however, they also publish works of fiction by Pakistani authors too! Kiran Digest may be one of many other similar monthly publications but what sets them apart are their exclusive stories – written exclusively for this publication alone! Right now you can get your hands upon an electronic copy via email at

Kiran Digest October 2021 Read Online

Kiran Digest is a popular digest in the month of October containing novels, novelettes, afsany (short stories), dastrkhan (poetry) and more. It’s popularity comes from its outstanding romantic novels that readers can’t get enough of; therefore they don’t finish reading all their episodes.

You can read your favorite Urdu monthly digest by clicking the link below. You are able to download it for free and you don’t have to buy anything!

Monthly Kiran Digest October 2021

Kiran Digest October 2021 contains the best novels, novelettes, short stories and poems. The main reason for its popularity is that it has outstanding romantic novels. Therefore a lot of people won’t read even more episodes from these books.

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Urdu Digest Kiran October 2021

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