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The Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor is considered the king of all farm equipment. It can perform any task you throw at it, be it hauling large loads or dragging heavy trees across your property’s driveway! This machine has been designed with lots innovative features that make operating easier than ever before in order to give farmers an edge when they need their work done fastest possible timeframes – no matter what type situation arises on-the ground level
Makes me want one now too… And when we talk about the Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2022, then we have a purpose build product in a reasonable price range.

You can get details about Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd Tractor Price In Pakistan. But I suggest that you must buy this heavy-duty bigger size tractor when and only your requirements are meeting the deeds otherwise you have other options in Massey Ferguson tractors.

The new Massey Ferguson Tractor is a powerful, durable machine that will help you farm more efficiently. It’s ready for any task from fencing in your fields to working as part of an international logistics network! Book today – just what we need because giving our customers great service isn’t enough anymore…we also want them coming back too 😉

Massey 385 tractor price in Pakistan 2022

This powerful and advanced of the MF 385 tractors is comparatively expensive than other available products in Pakistan. The product can be bought at Pakistan in the price range between 15, 60, 000/- to 25, 00, 000/
” This is really an expensive vehicle but after readings its specs and features you will feel that the price is less in front of its facilities and functions.

Massey Tractor 385 Price in PKRRs. 2,478,000/-

Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor Specs:

MF 385 4WD Key Features:
Max. Engine power @ 2,200 rpm
Max. Torque at 1,600 engine rpm
Max. PTO power at 2,200
Engine rpm*Certified to BS AU 141a
** Manufacturer’s Estimate
85 hp*

291 Nm

70 hp**

 MF 385 4WD Engine Data:
No. of Cylinders
Compression Ratio
Starting Aid
Throttle Control
Air Cleaner Type
Air Pre-Cleaner
Fuel FilterExhaustOil Cooler
Perkins / 4.41
101 mm
127 mm
Hand and Foot
Oil Bath
Over bonnet air swirl
Dual high capacity
With sedimentor
Vertical; muffler
under bonnet
Water Cooled
MF 385 4WD Electrics:
12V, Negative Earth
96 Ah
45 A/2.8 KW
MF 385 4WD Clutch:
Lining Material
305×254 mm
MF 385 4WD Power Acceleration:
Engine Speed at 540 PTO rpm
Shaft Diameter
No. of Splines
1,789 rpm
35 mm
MF 385 4WD Tires:
Front 7.50-16 (6PR)
Rear 18.4 / 15-30 (6PR)
7.50-16 (6PR)
18.4 / 15-30 (6PR)
MF 385 4WD Track Adjustments:
Front Axle
Rear Axle
1,376 – 1,944 mm
1,423-2,134 mm
MF 385 4WD Steering:
MF 385 4WD Transmission:
Number of Gears
Sliding spur
8 Forward, 2 Reverse
Gear Speed
Forward 1
Forward 2
Forward 3
Forward 4
Forward 5
Forward 6
Forward 7
Forward 8
Reverse 1
Reverse 2
MF 385 4WD Hydraulic System:

Pump Type
Maximum Out put

Maximum lift capacity
with Lower links

Maximum pressure

Lower links

Draft , Position & Response
Control, Constant pumping4 Piston, Ferguson pump
16.7 liters / min2,145 kg21 MPa (205 bars) at Normal
Operating TemperatureCategory I & II
Interchangeable balls
MF 385 4WD Fuel Capacity:
Fuel Tank
Engine Sump
Air Cleaner Oil Bath
Cooling System
Hydraulic System
Power Steering Reservoir
4WD Front Axle Differential
Hub each Side
108 lit
7.5 lit
0.7 lit
15.2 lit
47.4 lit
2 lit
5.6 lit
1 lit
MF 385 4WD Weight and Dimensions:
Weight Front
Weight Rear
Weight TotalDimensions
Overall Length
Width (minimum)
Wheel BaseHeight
Over Exhaust
Over Steering WheelTurning Circle
Without Brakes
1,429 kg
1,582 kg
3,011 kg3,810 mm
1,871 mm
2,350 mm2,485 mm
1,781 mm8,518 mm501 mm
395 mm
MF 385 4WD Equipment & Tool Kit:
·          Chain Stabilizers

·          Spring Suspension Seat

·          Flat Top Fenders &

·          Operator’s Manual

·          Weight Frame without Weights

·          Top Link

·          Cat-I & II Balls

·          Check Chains

·          Swinging 9 Hole Drawbar

·          Hydraulic Control Outlets/Spool Valves

·          External Electric Switch

·          PTO Belt Pulley & International Warranty Tool Kit

·          Cabin (A/C or Non-A/C)

·          Sun Canopy (ROPS Style)

·          Front Ballast/Weights

·          Adjustable Pintle Hook

The Massey Tractor 385 is a four wheel drive, diesel engine powered tractor with the ability to reach speeds up to 60 km/h and can travel for about 300 meters off road before it needs oil changes. The Perkins 441 (2200rpm) produces 85 horsepower which allows this vehicle’s weight capacity at full power premission ratio(Excellent condition) compared, It is an all-wheel-drive (4WD) machine with manual transmissions including 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Like its previous model MF 375 2WD, the MF 385 4WD has also regular functions and specifications but you can never compare its performance with the previous models. The multipurpose tractor is getting fame in the automobile market.

If you’re planning on buying a new truck, then the Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd Tractor Price In Pakistan has all your needs covered. With its sturdy build and strong engine it will be able to take whatever comes its way!
The following is some information about this amazing vehicle:
-It can carry up 8 people comfortably at once without feeling too overwhelmed or cramped inside of it; perfect for those who want individual seating arrangements in case there are other passengers along side them (or behind). This means that if someone sitting next door wants their luggage removed from

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