Millat MF 240 Tractor Price 2022 | Massey Ferguson Price In Pakistan

The most powerful and aggressive multipurpose vehicle in Pakistan is not a car, but rather the Massey Ferguson Tractor. This company has been producing tractors for decades and still continues today with products like MF 240 Price which entered production last year as of 2022
The name Millat Fergusson or Mf can be found near at top when talking about long running companies who produce machines such as this one known around town by its acronym “MF”

These tractors are being used for different purposes like harvesting, heavy-duty cargos, and of course, nowadays the roads constructions industry is intending to buy powerful and robust machines that can merge with the nature of their work. For all these purposes the MF 240 tractor is the best option in the most economical price range. After getting its specifications and pictures views you will get this Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2022.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2022

The new facelift of the Massey Ferguson Tractor MF 240 has been launched in Pakistan, and people are seeking that this is at a price of Rs. 1,223,250/- The specifications as well as features can be seen below:
A powerful engine with enough power to work efficiently on all terrains; Lightweight construction for easy handling by one person or carrying larger objects such us logs up steep slopes  etc

Massey Ferguson Tractor MF 240 Price in PKR Rs. 1,223,250

Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Looks and Performance:

Massey Ferguson Tractor, the MF 240. This type of vehicle is not designed after undertaking any exterior design or you can say their looks in general. Likewise with other tractors, this one also has an internal appearance which alludes towards its function – moving earth and farming equipment around! this also has a traditional appearance with front-engine, 6.00 – 16 (6 PR) front tires, and 12.4 / 11 – 28 (6 PR) rear tires. The single driver seat has a totally manual transmission and braking system that is easier to access for the driver. Now when we talk about its performance or engine then we have a 50Hp engine with thermostats under a Perkins / AD 3.152 technology. Dual high capacity fuel filter has 3 in-line cylinders which produce power on petrol and diesel.

Massey Ferguson 240 Features

  • Reciprocating Ferguson Pump
  • Perkins / AD 3.152 engine type
  • Direct Injection
  • Box Section Adjustable Front Axle
  • Manual Steering
  • Outboard drum brakes
  • Tachometer with Fuel Levels
  • Ohmmeter with battery condition and water temperature
  • Warning lights
  • Chain Stabilizers
  • Spring Suspension Seat
  • Flat Top Fenders
  • Standard Tool Box With Set of Tools
  • Operators Manual
  • Weight Frame Without Weights

Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Specifications:

Maximum Power 50hp
Maximum Torque 173.5NM @ 1350 RPM
Engine Description Certified to BS AU 141a

Manufacturer’s Estimate

Turning Radius With Brakes 5560mm

Without Brakes 6200mm

No. of Cylinders 3
Compression Ratio 16.5 : 1
Gearbox 8 Froward and 2 Reverse
Steering Gear Type Rack & Pinion
Bore/ Stroke 91mm /127.0mm
Throttle Control Hand and Foot
Air Cleaner Oil Batch
Exhaust Vertical on Front Bonnet
Transmissions Manual (Sliding Spur)
Clutch Dual with 305 x 254 Diameter
Fuel Tank 47.5 Liter
Engine Sump 6.8 L
Cooling System 10.2 L
Hydraulic System 33 L
Steering Box 0.9L
Oil Batch Air Cleaner 0.65 L
Length 3,260mm
Width 1,651mm
Height With Exhaust 2,145mm
Height Over Steering Wheel 1,410mm
Wheel Base 1,892mm
Ground Clearance 338mm

Now, take the all information about Massey Ferguson Tractor Mf 240 Price in Pakistan 2022 is mentioned on this page. If company launches new tractor model then we will update it here for our visitors as well!

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