MG HS Price in Pakistan 2022 Specs, Interior, Exterior

With such an array of models, it’s no wonder that the MG Company has gained a strong following in Pakistan. With both vehicles being highly rated and popular among customers alike; people are naturally curious about what they cost! Nowadays we all seek out valuable information as soon as possible so make sure you click on this link right here: Car Prices 2022 (with prices for zooming)

Moreover, the interior and exterior are fabulous because the interior is fully loaded with the latest features as well outer shape has made with different curves who increase the beauty of this car. Further, take all information regarding MG Car Prices in Pakistan.

MG Car Prices in Pakistan 2022

MG 3, MG 5, MG HS, MG ZS, and MG 800cc car has been launched in Pakistan and There’s one way to get the latest prices of all cars before visiting a market for this year. You can price each car and then go into it, avoiding any hassle or stress from not knowing what they’ll cost!

MG ZS Price in Pakistan 2022 Specs, Interior
Price of MG ZS EV in Pakistan 2021MG HS Price in Pakistan 2022 specs

MG HS Price in Pakistan 2022

The company has introduced three variants in MG as well as those people who are seeking the MG HS Price in Pakistan 2022 can gather from this page. Further, if the company will introduce some news in MG and increase or decrease the price then we will update this page.

MG HS Price in Pakistan5.7 Million to 6.2 Million Rupees
MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2021 Sedan Review FeaturesMG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022 Sedan

The latest price of the MG 5 car is 3.5 Million Rupees. Further, this is the basic variants price because there are three variants in this car and the price of all the variants are different. Moreover, they have changed the specification and features in every variant. So before buying an MG 5 they must check their information.

MG 5 Car Price3.5 Million Rupees PKR
MG Extender Price in Pakistan 2021MG Extender Price in Pakistan 2021

Price of MG Extender in Pakistan 2021

The price of this vehicle is not yet announced and revealed. It is roughly estimated that its price is going to start from 3.1 million Pakistani rupees.

Specs of MG Extender 2021

  • First of all, we are going to discuss the transmission aspect of this MG Extender vehicle. It is noticed that the user can either go with the six-wheel manual transmission or he can select the six-speed automatic transmission. It is on the basis of a two-wheel driving feature that this pickup vehicle is available.
  • In addition, you can run this vehicle by utilizing its all-wheel driving feature as well. The higher trims of this model are featured and accompanied by leather upholstery. Along with that, there are inserts on the dashboard.
  • It is powered by two-liters 1996 turbocharged and DOHC sixteen valve kind of four-cylinder diesel engine. Most importantly, this engine generates a horsepower of approximately 161 hp and also torque of 375 Nm.
  • No doubt, this MG Extender has become a popular choice because of its durability and extra stability. It provides you with a balanced, ideal of all and smooth driving experience.
  • It is installed with Anti-lock Braking System. Furthermore, the presence of a Traction control system manages to prevent this vehicle from slipping on any kind of steep road conditions.

Now you won’t have to go through endless research just because your car needs an upgrade. All the information about new cars is in this article, and it’ll be easier than ever before! You can find out what kind of features are available on any model by clicking “Show more” below each one’s spec-sheet image for easy access when deciding which make will work best with yours
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Most important they have installed airbags for the safety of the passengers becasue in Pakistan some various companies are giving airbags options. On the other hand, all vehicles are not SUV becasue some people think that all car are SUV while some sedan body has been launched in Pakistan. Further, all information about MG Car Prices in Pakistan 2022 is here and people can check.

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