Under 50 Lakhs New Cars in Pakistan 2022 New Cars Prices

The new cats under 50 lakhs are here, and there’s a lot to see. The vehicles on this page all range from Toyota cars with prices starting at around 40-50 Lakhs ( Rs 30000 – 500000), up through Honda motorcycles that start below 100Lhp but can go as high as 150+ KiloWatts or torque! At this price no SUV Vehicle exit while sedan body cars are available well as some honda city, and civic variant has available besides Toyota company has closed XLI and GLI but now they have launched the Toyota Corolla X. Further, New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2022 is here.

New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2022

All companies who are giving the under 50 lakh cars in Pakistan are mentioned below, along with a price range when you click on their website. The specifications of each vehicle can then be viewed and it’ll show how much fuel efficiency they have too!

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All models that cost less than fifty million Pakistani rupees (a little over $1000) come equipped with all necessary features because these high-end sedans were designed for people who want comfort without luxury expenses – perfect if your paycheck doesn’t stretch very far but still need something reliable every day at work or home…

Hyundai Elantra 2020 Price in Pakistan Specs Features Review PicsHyundai Elantra Price in Pakistan 2022

Hyundai Elantra PricePKR 2.77 million to Rs. 3.4 million

For the people who are looking to buy a car, they should definitely consider buying an Elantra. This vehicle has many features and at only 3.4 million rupees it’s available with outstanding ones too! Nowadays cars can be so expensive but thanks to this amazing offer by Hyundai where you will get your chance of owning one in Pakistan.

Suzuki APV GLX 2018 Price Review Specs PicsSuzuki APV GLX 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki APV GLX 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki APV GLX 2022 Price in Pakistan is mentioned on this page while all the variants that have been launched by the Suzuki company with different fuel consumption are mentioned on this page.

Suzuki APVPKR 4,675,000/-
Suzuki Jimny 2018 Price in Pakistan Specs Review Features New Model PicsSuzuki Jimny 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Jimny 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Jimny  PricePKR 4,590,000/-

Suzuki Jimny 2022 price in Pakistan has been announced by the official and those people who are going to these types of the vehicle now firstly they can check the specs and feature that are mention with complete details.

Toyota Grande 2018 Model Price in PakistanToyota Grande 2022 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Grande 2022 Price in Pakistan

For the information of the people who like Toyota cars and now going to buy an Altis Grande. Now, they can check the price from this page. Moreover, the price of all variants that exist in this car from this page.

Corolla Altis 1.8L Price (1.8 Altis CVT)PKR. 3, 585, 000
Corolla Altis 1.8L Price  (Beige Interior)PKR. 3,875, 000
Corolla Altis 1.8L (Black Interior)PKR. 3,895,000
Honda Civic 2019 Model Price in Pakistan Interior Design Specs Features PicsHonda Civic 2022 Model Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic 2022 with a fierce new shape and distinctive cut lines, Civic has never looked better. A dynamic, new shape and LED lighting create an impressive look that is distinctively Civic. Entertainment tools like touch screens, music podcasts are available in the new Honda Civic.

VariantsEx-showroom Price
Honda Civic 1.8LPKR 3,729,000
Honda Civic 1.5L VTEPKR 4,449,000
Honda Civic RS-TurboPKR 4,699,000
Honda BR-V 2020 Price in Pakistan New Model Specs Features Review PicsHonda BRV 2022 Price in Pakistan

Honda BRV 2022 Price in Pakistan:

Honda BRV 2022 PricePKR 3,374,000

For the knowledge of the people, Hond BRV 2022 has announced by the official as well as this year price has increased because if we talk about the previous year this vehicle was available in the figure of 3o Lakh. But now this vehicle is started from 31 lakh to 35 lakh.

I-VTEC MTPKR 3,479,000
I-VTEC CVTPKR 3,319,000
I-VTEC CVT (S)PKR 3,479,000
Honda City 2019 in PakistanHonda City 2022 Price in Pakistan

Honda City 2022 Price in Pakistan

Honda city car starts from PKR 24.5 Lakh as well as when you increase the feature then the price will increase. The main aim of Honda company is to provide a comfortable drive and try to easily travel to the customers. So now in this time millions of people are using Honda city and enjoying a safe journey.

Honda City 1.2 L M/TPKR/= 2,599,000
Honda City 1.2 CVTPKR/=2,799,000
Honda City 1.5L CVTPKR/= 2,899,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5L Aspire M/TPKR/= 3,019,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5L Aspire CVTPKR/= 3,174,000
Toyota Corolla X 2021 Price in PakistanToyota Corolla X 2021 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla X 2021 Price in Pakistan

Till now three variants have been launched by the company and people can take the prices of all the variants. On the other hand, this is the latest price of the Toyota Corolla X 2022 model.

Toyota Corolla X VariantsPrices
ALTIS CVT-i 1.8PKR. 3,579,000/-
Toyota Corolla XLI Price in Pakistan 2019Toyota Corolla XLI Price in Pakistan 2021

Toyota Corolla XLI Price in Pakistan 2021

The company has closed the model of Toyota XLI and now they are not manufacturing in Pakistan while used cars also exist and people can take the estimated price. Further, you can buy through different portals that are selling used cars. Have a look down.

Used Xli 2015Rs 2,000,000
Used Xli 2016Rs 2,200,000
Used Xli 2017Rs 2,400,000
Used Xli 2018Rs 2,600,000
Used Xli 2019Rs 2,700,000
Used Xli 2020Rs 2,900,000
Toyota Corolla GLi 2019Toyota Corolla GLi 2021 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla GLi 2021 Price in Pakistan:

Toyota Corolla GLi interior uses the black and beige plastic trim pieces features. It is equipped with fabric-covered seats, air conditioning, an infotainment system, power steering, tachometer, satellite navigations, and leather upholstery with multifunction steering wheel switches. Toyota Corolla GLi has two airbags, cruise control, front and rear camera, paddle shift, electronic brake system, and sunroof. Its powerful anti-lock system will protect the car from skidding when the brakes are slippery and wet.

GLI 2015 Model PriceRS. 2.2 Million Rupees
GLI 2016 Model PriceRS. 2.5 Million Rupees
GLI 2017 Model PriceRS. 2.7 Million Rupees
GLI 2018 Model PriceRS. 2.9 Million Rupees
GLI 2019 Model PriceRS. 3 Million Rupees
GLI 2020 Model PriceRS. 3.2 Million Rupees

Note: The production of the Toyota Corolla GLI has been closed by the company and in the future, this vehicle will not be manufactured by Toyota. Further, the price of the old models is mentioned below.

The exterior of this car is beautiful because it’s not just any regular person who would buy a gas-guzzling SUV. The interior, on the other hand, has received rave reviews for its fuel efficiency which makes sense since people are becoming increasingly sensitive about rising prices at the pump–not only in Pakistan but all over! The exterior of all vehicles that are mentioned above is gorgeous. As well all the cars are fully loaded and latest specifications and features. On the other hand, the latest technology has been introduced while some variants exist in Auto transmission while some of the variants exist in manual transmission. Other information about New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2022 is mentioned above. You gather the complete info about every vehicle that is listed above is mentioned.






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