Nissan Dayz 2022 Price in Pakistan, Pictures & Reviews

In an effort to provide you with all the information needed, we’ve compiled a list of Nissan Dayz Car Prices in Pakistan 2022. This small car is perfect for families because many people love it and call them mini-cabs! Another reason why these cars are so popular among drivers around our country?

They’re made by Japanese automakers who have long been recognized as some of technology’s finest minds – which means quality always prevails over quantity when they build their vehicles from start (and finish) line up here at home soil. They using the latest technology and providing comfort to the people who are driving. Further, Nissan Dayz 2022 Roox is a 660c Japanese imported car in Pakistan offered by Nissan. It got the latest exterior, interior, and safety features.  The new model Nissan Dayz is the latest addition to the Nissan 660cc car. Nissan DAY’s owners are happy to find that the new battery assist technology is creating more fuel efficient cars.
The input was: “To increase fuel efficiency has introduced a new battery-assist technology.” The output changes this sentence by adding an interesting detail about how pleased they were with these convenient features of their vehicles

Nissan Dayz 2022 Price in Pakistan

The latest price of Nissan Dayz car is 2022 and you can check on the other hand its nine capacity. The newly announced model has a 660cc engine, but talking about power; it’s very strong as compared to locally assembled cars.

Nissan Dayz PriceAround 1.8 Million Rupees.

The exterior of the Nissan ROOX was designed to look sporty and aggressive while exuding a sense of interior spaciousness. The head-turning shape of the new minicar is enhanced by the tinted glass all around the body with black pillars that create a “floating roof” appearance. Nissan Dayz 2022 is a sleek and stylish sports car with all the luxuries you could want.

With its wide cabin, automatic climate control system, touch screen dashboard navigation interface that can be operated by one or both hands simultaneously while driving (and has voice recognition so no worries about getting distracted), this vehicle will make any journey feel like less of an effort! The engine sound is calming when accelerating away from a stop sign in first gear- but if there’s anything more powerful than what I’ve described here already out on your street right now then we would love for ya’ll come shop at our dealership today anyway possible because these cars always go fast enough before they run

Nissan Dayz Interior Pics

This is a Japanese-made vehicle with an interior design that rivals the beauty of anything on Earth. In addition, many specs have been installed in order for drivers to easily change gears without any hassle or obstruction from their seat belts!

Nissan Dayz Fuel Average:

On a long route, this is perfect as per fuel average. Now, in the latest models company is going to installing a hybrid engine that will be fuel-efficient and give more performance to the customers. Basically engine power of this vehicle is 660cc. So consumption of this vehicle is too low even this vehicle is given the 20 to 25 KM under one-liter petrol.

Specifications of Nissan Dayz Roox:

Engine Capacity660cc (official 659cc)
Driving TypeAvailable in both Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and also Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Steering PositionRight Hand Drive (on the right side of the car)
Transmission TypeAutomatic gear
Fuel Gasoline(Petrol)
Passenger Capacity4 (According to   Japanese law)
Engine Type3B20. DOHC. 3Cylinders. 12 Valves
Number of Doors5

Japanese vehicles are well-made and feature loaded with the latest specifications, which is why they’re more comfortable than local assembling cars. Importantly for buyers though, all imported units have full guarantees that cover anything from maintenance to repair work – something you won’t find in a domestically manufactured one! On the other hand, in small Japanese vehicles, the option of cruise control exists and people can use it on a long drive. The Japanese have always been a step ahead of other countries when it comes to manufacturing cars and trucks.

They know all about creating quality vehicles with high levels comfort, safety features as well as performance that will meet your every need. Importing from Japan is also great because you can count on them being up-to date with the latest specifications which means they’ll be ready for whatever life throws at us!

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