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pakistan day parade live 2022

Yum-e-Pakistan (.Pakistan Day Parade Live) 23rd March 2022. Pakistan Day is a national holiday in Pakistan that celebrates the adoption of the first Constitution of Pakistan.

On March 23, 1940, the Muslim League adopted a resolution calling for the creation of an independent Muslim state in British India. This day is also celebrated as the adoption of the Lahore Resolution.

Pakistan celebrates the day annually as a public holiday. The Pakistan Armed Forces usually hold a military parade to celebrate both the passing of the Lahore Resolution and the Constitution of 1956.

History of 23 March

From March 23 to 25, 1940, the Muslim League held its annual session at Minto Park in Lahore, Punjab. The Muslim League, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other Founding Fathers, recalled the events surrounding the Hindu-Muslim divide during this occasion. They also introduced a historical resolution that formally recognised Pakistan as a nation-state in South Asia, despite the fact that it made no mention of Pakistan.

Abul Kashem Fazlul Huq (Abul Kashem Fozlul Hôk) (26 October 1873 – 27 April 1962), also known as Sher-e-BangaL, proposed the resolution, which was enacted on March 24 and signed by Pakistan’s Founding Fathers. It is written as follows: [Quoting Resolution:] No constitutional design would be viable or acceptable to Muslims until geographically contiguous units are delineated into regions, which should be thus formed with any required territorial revisions. That areas of India where Muslims are numerically dominant, such as the North-Western and Eastern zones, should be united together to form independent states with autonomous and sovereign constituent units.

On June 3, 1947, the British revealed their decision to divide the Indian subcontinent into two dominions: India and Pakistan. In the end, Pakistan was established on August 14, 1947, and India gained independence the next day. Pakistan was quickly recognised as a migrant state born in the midst of violence. The first Governor-General of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and the first Prime Minister of Pakistan was Mr Liaqat Ali Khan. Pakistan was governed under the Indian Act of 1935 until 1956 when the country adopted its own constitution. While Pakistan’s Independence Day commemorates the country’s independence from British rule, Republic Day commemorates the country’s constitution’s entry into force.

The Fundamental Principles Committee’s efforts resulted in the basic elements of the constitution being adopted in 1949. The first set of Pakistan’s Constitution was enacted on March 23, 1956, after several years of deliberation and some changes. The country successfully transitioned from Dominion to the Islamic Republic at this time. As ceremonial head of state, the Governor-General was superseded by the President of Pakistan. [12] It was formerly known as Republic Day, but after Ayub Khan’s takeover, the name was changed to Pakistan Day to reflect the end of Pakistan’s democracy.

Details : 23 March 2022 Prade Live Celeberations

The main event takes place in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital.  The President of Pakistan is traditionally the Chief Guest, with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Cabinet ministers, military chiefs of staff, and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff also in attendance.

A comprehensive inter-services combined military march is practised and aired live across the country by the news media. During the parade, Pakistan’s military inter-services also demonstrate their force and skills.

The event is marked by a complete military and civilian parade in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital.

They are held early in the morning and are presided over by Pakistan’s President.

Following the procession, the President presents the honorees with national awards and medals at the White House.

Wreaths are also put at the mausoleums of Pakistan’s founders, Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Foreign dignitaries have been invited to the military parade on extremely rare occasions and for very important reasons.

In the United States, while New York City has hosted North America’s largest Pakistan Day celebration for decades, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey hosted their first annual Pakistan Day procession on August 16, 2015.

Where to get 23 March Parade Day Passes

You Can Get Parade day passes By Visiting Govt Official website

23 March 2022 parade timing 

The military parade begins at 10 a.m. and is immediately broadcast live by the Pakistani media. The services of the Pakistani Armed Forces are represented: the Army, Navy, Air Force and paramilitary forces.

Where to watch Pakistan day ( Youm e Pakistan) day Parade 2022

You can Watch Yaum e Pakitan Parade at PTV News, ISPR Official Channel and right here at

Pakistan Day Parade Venue

Shakarparian Ground Islamabad

Pakistan Day Parade Live Streaming

We Will Upload Here Live Streaming Links at the start of the event, so stay tuned with us.

Pakistan Day Parade Traffic Plan

In connection with the March 23 march and preparations for it, police have prepared a traffic plan for the benefit of road users.

According to the plan, heavy transport trucks (HTV) will be prohibited from entering Islamabad from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 16, 18, 20, and 23. To avoid any difficulty, alternate routes for light transport vehicles (LTV) have been suggested.

At Rawat T-Cross, Chungi No 26, 9th Avenue, Metro Ground, Sabzi Mandi, and Satra Meel Toll Plaza, all heavy trucks will be stopped. The I-8 signal on IJP Road, the ADBP checkpoint on Murree Road, the Khanna Bridge, Zero Point Faisal Avenue, the Garden Flyover, the Best Western Hotel Murree Road, Chand Tara Chowk, and Dhokri Chowk are among the restricted zones.

Light cars arriving from Lahore will be able to travel to Rawalpindi Saddar Road, Peshawar GT Road, and the motorway via Rawat T-Cross. Traffic from the old airport will be able to access the expressway via the Khanna Bridge, Lehtrar Road, Captain Naeem Tufail Shaheed Chowk (Taramri Chowk), Park Road, Jinnah Road, Korang Road, and Murree Road to reach Islamabad’s G and F sectors and the Srinagar Highway.

Traffic will be able to turn around at the Malpur u-turn to get to Bhara Kahu and Murree.

Vehicles travelling from the Srinagar Highway to the Rawalpindi airport and Lahore will take 9th Avenue, Murree Road, Rawal Road, and a right turn at the Koral flyover to reach Lahore. On the expressway, only those with permission will be allowed to travel.

The Srinagar Highway will be used by vehicles entering from the highway to travel to Aabpara, Bhara Kahu, and Murree. On March 16, 18, 20, and 23, between 5 a.m. and 2 p.m., the Islamabad Expressway, Faisal Avenue (Zero Point), Murree Road (Rawal Dam to Faizabad), and IJP Road (I-8 signal Faizabad) will be closed to all traffic.

Furthermore, from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 17, 19, 21, and 23, Murree Road from Rawal Dam Chowk to Faizabad would be restricted to all types of traffic.

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