Road King Bike Price In Pakistan 2022 Electric Bike Price

Have you heard? The motorbike trend has changed and now new technology is being introduced in Pakistan. As well Road King Electric Bike, a company’s latest initiative for the country was launched with price tag PKR 103 500! It seems like something out of this world because it combines two trends: bikes as we know them today combined with futuristic technologies from tomorrow. Recently, many of the companies have launched in Pakistan but now road king company has been introduced with different powers. So take all specs and features of this bike even top speed is here. Becasue most time when people buy a new bike then firstly they can check the speed. Further, information about Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan is available.

Road King Electric Bike

2022 Price in Pakistan

Road King, an electric bike that was launched recently in Pakistan and is still under production. The company has not announced the price for this model because it’s too early to see what kind of demand there will actually be on these bikes once they start rolling off the line- but if history tells us anything about how well-loved bikes like Birdy perform.
The RoadKing – which went retail last month after only being available via private import (pushing up against regulations) since June 2017 – follows closely BBK’s excellent eBike version by sporting Furthermore, when Road King electric bikes come into the Pakistani Market then prices will be available on this page.

Road King 70cc Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Till now, they have just introduced one 70cc bike. When the company launched this new model then Punjab Chief Minister Ch Sarwar came into their ceremony and appreciated it for taking such a step forward by doing so.” According to the company statement as soon this bike will exist on-road and in every city of Pakistan, this bike will available. Further, the exact price does not exsit while when the company will deliver this bike to the market than available on this page.

Road King Electric Bike Price PKR 103,500

Road King Electric Bike Top Speed

For the purpose of our test drive company will check out how fast a bike can go. But one thing we’re interested in is its range; it only takes about 80 kilometers for this vehicle to charge fully!

Road King Electric Bike Specification and Features

The new silent features have been installed by the company besides some unique specs that make it a worthwhile investment.

  • No Petrol Require
  • Kick Option Close just autostart
  • No Engine
  • Battery and Motors installed on engine place
  • No gear

The bike is not just about the looks, it’s also got some unique features and specs that you won’t find anywhere else. The manufacturer has said they’re going to be adding more in future so make sure to check back here!

The Road King is a great electric bike for those who want to enjoy their ride without dealing with the hassle and has all of its features at an affordable price. With this bike, you can go as fast or slow as you like while still getting fresh air! As well if they launched a new bike then we will share it on this page.

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