Road Prince Bikes 2022 Price, New Sticker & New Models

Road Prince is one of the leading companies in Pakistan when it comes to bike manufacturing. The company has been around for so many years and their motorcycles are known throughout all regions as being reliable, high-quality products that can withstand any form of weather condition thanks to their robust design elements like heavy-duty steel frame construction and strong enough batteries powered by Yamaha engines!

Road Prince came into being in 2004 and it is regarded as one of the most well-reputed motorcycle brands in Pakistan in a very short period of time. but due diligence helped them grow into what we see today; A globally recognized leader within the industry after WWII under Japanese occupation. They manufactured military vehicles before moving onto consumer goods such us motorbikes (which made them very popular) followed thereafter cycles then four-wheel drives

This company has been making bikes, and they’re still going strong. They set up their first office in Lahore so that people all over Pakistan could have access to high-quality importing of these vehicles from Japan! ┬áIn just the least time period of the establishment, their business turned into the mediums of the remarkable business unit selling motorcycles and whole selling motorcycle parts. Hence after some years this business brings on with the access of somehow a new generation and also some of the new thoughts were pumped in that at the end of the day made this business a real success.

Road Prince Motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2022

Road Prince bikes are a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts. With the release of their new model in 2022, you will have access to all sorts of information about this product before purchasing it!
The RoadPrince Motorcycle Price post is here for your guidance when deciding on which bike best suits what you’re looking forward to riding– get ready with some awesome stats and details below:

“While there may be other companies out there selling similar products,” says Akram Khan Malik Vice President Sales at Rild Pakistan Ltd., “our motorcycles provide better quality due mainly because they come from one factory rather than being assembled locally like those by Honda.”

All the model prices are reasonable in rates and are best with their finishing features too. Go and get them right now.

Road Prince RP 110 Rs. 51,000
Road Prince RP 70 Rs. 44,000
Road Prince RX3 Rs. 485,000
Road Prince Robinson 150 Rs. 215,000
Road Prince Twister 125 Rs. 110,000
Road Prince Wego 150 Rs. 200,000
Road Prince Bullet 70 Rs. 44,500

Road Prince RP 110

Road Prince’s new model, the Road Prince RP 110 price in Pakistan has been announced and it is available for just PKR 51000. This bike will make everyone easily afford this amazing piece of technology!

Road Prince 2022 New Model 70CC

Road Prince Rupay 70 Price in Pakistan now exists on every street, while 80% of people are using this bike. So the price will vary with cities but it can be anywhere between PKR 44 thousand Rupees moreover depending upon where you live!


Road Prince rx3

Road Prince is a company that specializes in designing and producing motorcycles. Their latest model, the RX3 sports bike looks like an attractive addition to any arsenal as it offers high performance with low maintenance costs. After use, one time people want to wish to buy this bike as well as that is available in just only PKR, 4.25 Lacs.

Road Prince rx3

Road Prince Robinson 150

Road Prince Robinson 150cc gives a comfortable drive to the people who are interested in high-speed bike and the price of this bike is PKR 200,000.

Road Prince Robinson 150

Road Prince Twister 125

Price PKR 110,000

Road Prince Twister 125

Road Prince Wego 150

Price PKR 190,000

Road Prince Wego 150

Road Prince Bullet 70cc

Price PKR 43,000

Road Prince Bullet 70cc

It is clear that the Chinese have been making an impact on motorcycles in Pakistan since they first arrived. From nearly 2000, most people were riding 70cc bikes and had little knowledge of better-known brands like Honda or Yamaha; however, starting around 2001 these small engines started becoming popular again with more buyers looking for something affordable yet reliable enough not to break down all too often when out there exploring roadsides without fear of getting lost thanks just being passed by others who know where they’re going! As in the year, 2004 management put up with the launch of the amazing 4 strokes 70cc motorcycle of Chinese origin. Road Prince Motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2022 is given here.

This company has been merely involved in giving out with the high standard of the services in the manufacturing of auto bikes production. They have been adding on with their bikes with the diversity of the features and improved level of the functioning working mode that simply makes them turn out to be the main center of attraction inside the marketplaces.

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