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Rs. 750 Prize Bond List 15 January 2022 Peshawar Prize Bond Result

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List 2022 Peshawar

The Rs. 750 Prize Bond draw held at Peshawar on 15 Jan 2022 included 1 prize of 1500,000/- and  2nd 3 prizes of 500,000/- worth each; there were also 1696 winners receiving 9300/-each! You can see full list here for the Draw that happened last week, here. You can also search your prize bond numbers in the list and see if you have won any prizes or you can use our free premium feature Power Search. You can save your Prize Bond numbers in our Prize Bond Wallet and you will get free results on your WhatsApp after each draw. See the schedule of 750 Prize Bond Draws for year 2021. Prize Bond 750 draw comes every 3 months. See 750 Prize Bond list 2022 regularly to check if you have won any prize money. Next draw of Rs. 750 Prize Bond will be held at Peshawar on 15 January 2022. See all previous Rs. 750 Prize Bond draw results.

Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw 15 January 2022

1st Prize of Rs. 1,500,000/-

2nd Prize of Rs. 500,000/- each

3rd Prize of Rs. 9,300/- each
(1696 Prizes)

 جنوری15. 2022 کو پشاور میں منعقد ہونے والے 750 پرائز بانڈ کی قرعہ اندازی میں 1500,000/- کا 1 انعام اور 500,000/- مالیت کے دوسرے 3 انعامات شامل تھے۔ وہاں 1696 فاتحین بھی تھے جنہوں نے 9300/-ہر ایک وصول کیا!

 Prize bonds in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is this thing called National Prize Bond Scheme. It was initiated by the government in 1960 with one goal: to borrow money from public and reward back them through draws on different dates! Actually, Prize Bond is a lottery bond but it is really safe investment as it is offered by the National Savings operated by the Govt. of Pakistan. Prize bond is bearer type of investment security and it is available in different denominations.

The Pakistan’s prize bond scheme is one of the most popular investments in that country. Available at 100, 200 and 1500 Pakistani Rupees with two types to choose from -the standard 25000 or 40000 dollar bonds- it can be bought online now until 2022!

Prize bond draws happen every alternate week, which is respectively on the 1st date of each month as well and mid or 15th. Each denomination winning jackpot prize draw happens quarterly at meetings that are usually held twice a year in March and September when it’s time for new prizes!

The government of Pakistan has announced plans to offer prize bonds as an incentive for those living in the country or abroad. These “prize” or non-expiratory securities can be bought from banks and private dealers, but no one knows when they will end!

Maximum time period to avail the prize of any prize bond is six years from the date of its draw result.

For those who want to win big, but are not interested in the hassle of trading stocks or bonds can always go with prize-bond type games. Unlike other types where you have an opportunity for profit if your lucky enough – only one person will get paid at once so there’s no room left over from lost trades! so, keep your bonds safe because there is no refund or exchange available for them.

In 2022, these new rules will mean that anyone who wants to cash in their prize bond worth up to Rs 25000 or 40000 must have proof of identity card. They cannot be cashed by other family members and any winnings are just the premium on top-of coupon rate which is already very low!

The Prize Bonds in Pakistan are available for a range of prizes, from 100 Rs. up to RS. 40000.

Result is available now!

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