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Suspense Digest is the largest circulated monthly Urdu language suspense magazine in Pakistan.Suspense Digest January 2022 Download pdf – Suspense Read The approximately 290 to 320 pages magazine is published by JDP (Jasoosi Digest Publications). The first issue was launched in January 1972. The publication has been a member of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society since 24 August 1986.

The Jasoosi digest publications released other various digest like Jasoosi, Pakeeza, Sarguzasht and Dilkash. These family Urdu magazines are very famous in Pakistan. Suspense digest is based on social, romantic, history related stories. Magazine is monthly and released by the Jasoosi digest publications on particular dates of a month. Famous story writers of subcontinent like Mohiuddin Nawab, Ilyas Sitapuri, Zia Tasneem Bilgrami, MA Rahat and others are associated with these magazines.

The magazine published the world Longest fiction novel Devta from 1977 to 2010 written by Mohiuddin Nawab.

Suspense Digest
Editor-in-chief Azra Rasool
Categories Suspense
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Jasoosi Digest Publications
Founder Mehraj Rasool
Year founded 1971
First issue January 1972
Country Pakistan
Based in Karachi, Pakistan
Language Urdu

Suspense Digest is the most popular sizzling digest in Pakistan, especially for women and girls. Millions of Urdu-speaking people living almost every part of the world know about this monthly magazine because it’s published on time each month with Suspense Stories that give you an hour or two worth reading! This digest becomes very popular due to its latest and true basis stories. Just follow the download link to download the PDF file of Suspense Digest January 2022.

Free download and read online Digest Suspense Jan uploaded this book under the category of Digests and Magazines. Format of Suspense Digest January 2022 is PDF and file size of this file and Suspense Digest Jan 2022.

This month we have a steamy and romantic collection of books for you to read online! This issue is chock-full with some great Suspense. Let’s dive into the best stories this edition has in store:
Maids are launched from all corners by masters who want them dead, but they always manage an escape…

Neglected wife finds love with handyman hired to fix up her home—until he turns out not only be alive after she thought him killed during another attack on their lives; worse yet? He can also see what everyone else seems unable too… A young girl must rely upon faith when faced against adversity or perish alone at sea before even getting started Unbound Love by Rishi Mishra – A Romantic Thriller about two strangers who discover themselves through each other while being trapped on an isolated island during a storm. Will their love be able to withstand all obstacles? Want To Download and Read Khawateen Digest ? Explore the website more.

Suspense Digest January 2022 Download

– When The Sun Goes Down by Gauri Dasgupta – An action-packed thriller set against the backdrop of violence, politics, betrayal & revenge that shakes up Delhi city once again when it’s under siege from terrorist activities at sundown… Can’t wait any longer for

Urdu-speaking individuals living in different places around the world are so fortunate that there is a site where they can get their favorite Urdu language digests online, without having to visit any of their local bookstores. This means people who live abroad and want an up-to-date copy won’t have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before it reaches them as this website will deliver within days!

Suspense Digest Read Jan 2022

As you read the January 2022 issue of Suspense Digest, your heart will be racing with each turn of page. These short stories are so good that they make me second guess myself!
The first story starts off slow but then builds up suspense as it unravels before us – all while hooking our attention in an interesting way from beginning to end.

It tells about two friends who go on vacation to visit their friend’s summer house in Goa where they discover something disturbing at night which changes everything for them forever.

Next, Akshay Bhavnani’s short story, “The Runner Boy”, takes another form entirely when suddenly his protagonist finds himself transported into an alternate reality or dimension after he slips down from one step while running back home late due to darkness during wintertime in Delhi because all street

Suspense Urdu Digest January 2022

If you don’t have a new copy of Suspense Digest Jan 2022, it’s okay. This website can provide an Urdu digest for anyone who cannot buy one in their local bookstore or market. It won’t take long because the digests are sent through airmail and only takes about 2-3 weeks to get here!

Urdu Digest Suspense Jan 2022

By clicking the link provided, you can Urdu Digest Suspense in January 2022 download or read online. This is a high-quality server that allows for fast reading and downloading simultaneously. You are free to choose between these two options while our website welcomes your support of writers, book owners/authors/publishers, etc..

Latest Suspense Digest 2022. Suspense Digest Contains the latest Urdu Novels, A Short and Long Urdu Romantic Novels, Afsane – Urdu Short Stories, Complete Novels, Urdu Shayari, Celebrity Interviews, Health Guidelines for women, and many other helpful topics which entertain its readers all over the world which is from the pen of top famous writers. This Suspense Shumara consists of several chapters including Silsilawar Novels, Complete Urdu Novels, Novelettes, Afsane, Urdu Love Stories as well by readers.

Suspense Read Online

This Digest Also Episodic Novels are contained in it every month. These Serial Novels are written by the top famous writers and these are very interesting and most read novels in Khawateen Digest which is well-organized manners for this site reader’s convenience and focus on mobile and tablet viewer.
Read Online and Free Download in PDF format. You can Download this Book in PDF Format and Click the below link and Read this Book Online.

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