Suzuki Bikes 2022 Prices in Pakistan 70CC 100CC 125CC New Model

Suzuki motorcycles are a common sight in the streets of Pakistan. With bikes ranging from 70cc models to 125 cc, most people can find one that suits their needs and riding style – even if it’s just for casual use! The prices vary depending on which model you choose; The most reliable vehicles are produced by them that are known to long may be more than human life. With proper care, you may keep your vehicles in very good condition. There are so many bikes to choose from in Suzuki Autos! For every type of buyer, they have the perfect bike. Whether you’re looking for an off-road vehicle or something with some power and style; there is a model that will suit your needs perfectly.

This is a great bike for the people who are willing to their hearts out.

Suzuki Van Van RV125: with an injection fuel system and a 6-speed gearbox this is one of the greatest bikes that you can have for sure.

Model Specifications Price
Suzuki Thunder 125 4-stroke single cylinder  PKR 132,000
Suzuki Mola 125 4 stroke, single-cylinder, and air cooling system PKR 101,000
Suzuki Van Van RV125 Injection fuel system
6-speed gearbox
 PKR 129,000

For people who are looking for the perfect balance of performance, reliability and affordability when it comes to motorcycles in Pakistan then there is no better place than Suzuki. All these bikes by SUZUKI offer fantastic features that anyone can enjoy from kids all the way up until adulthood! If you need any more details about Suzuki bikes in Pakistan then write in the comments section below.

Suzuki Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2022

Suzuki Bikes Prices Current Price
Suzuki Sprinter PKR 80,400
Suzuki SPRINTER ECO Euro2 PKR 119,900
Suzuki Raider 110 Euro 2 PKR 101,400
Suzuki GD 110 Euro II PKR 168,000
Suzuki GS-150 PKR 175,500
Suzuki Inazuma Gw 250 PKR 725,000
Suzuki Intruder M800 PKR 1,700,000
Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1330R PKR 2,600,000
Suzuki GD 110S PKR 168,000
Suzuki Thunder 125 PKR 132,000
Suzuki Mola 125 PKR 135,000
Suzuki Van Van RV125 PKR 129,000

Suzuki 70cc bikes:

DR-Z70: The 67cc bike which can be regarded as the 70 cc bike is called the dirt bike. It is basically one of the bikes that knocked down the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha PW80 off the popularity charts. This bike was launched in 2008. It basically has the 70cc 4-stroke and SOHC, air-cooled engine which makes it one of the greatest Suzuki bikes of all time. And to your surprise, it is really a kid’s bike.

Model Specifications Price
Suzuki Sprinter 70CC 75 km/1 L high speed, 9-liter fuel tank PKR 80,400
Suzuki SPRINTER ECO Euro2 75 km/1 L high speed, 9-liter fuel tank PKR 119,900

Suzuki bikes Prices in Pakistan 2022 70CC 100CC 125CC

The prices of the Suzuki bikes like 70cc, 100cc, and 125cc now exist on this page who are looking online as well as the specification of all bikes is given.

Suzuki 100cc bikes:

Suzuki Raider: The bike with the attitude and is of PKR 83,400. The bike has a 105 km/hour top speed and is combining with a 9-liter fuel tank.

Suzuki Shogun: The shogun has 11.5 liters tank capacity with 4 strokes, is air-cooled, and an OHC engine. The bike is available for you to buy in PKR 93500.

Model Specifications Price
Suzuki Raider 110 Euro 2 105 km/hour top speed, 9-liter fuel tank PKR 101,400
Suzuki GD 110 Euro II 4 stroke, air-cooled and OHC engine11.5 liters tank capacity PKR 114,000
Suzuki GD 110S 4 stroke, air-cooled,11.5 liters tank capacity PKR 126,000

Suzuki 125cc bikes:

Suzuki Thunder 125: A 4-stroke single-cylinder bike is a great one to have. This bike is a combination of sporty look and most of all its combination with the great features makes it men’s best friend.

Suzuki Mola 125: 4 stroke, single-cylinder, and air cooling system have made this to rise in all the lists of buyers. The constant mesh and steel frame adds up to the durability. It may be bought for PKR 101,000.

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