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Treet TR 100cc is a brand new model from the TREEtre line. It features high-quality materials and craftsmanship which gives it durability, a style that lasts for years to come with everyday use in mind as well!
Mashallah motors believe in quality above all else so when we created this bike it was our goal to make sure you guys have only one thing on your minds: Comfort Plus Power You’ll be able to ride wherever without worrying about breaking down or getting stuck because no matter what happens there will always be. Every customer has a different choice in bike shape and color that is why the Treet TR 100cc bike is available in different shapes and colors according to the customer’s demands. The popular colors of the Treet TR 100cc are black and red. The shape of the bike gives it a very unique look.

Treet TR-100 Motorcycle Price with Pictures – Bike

  • PKR 54,000/-

The 4 stroke engine with a displacement of 100cc generates an increase in customer trust on Treet TR’s newest models. The amazing feature is its rare and comfortable seats that make for long rides! The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 10 liter. The fuel tank capacity fulfills your need for long drives. There is no Treet TR 100cc bike that reflects modern technology.

Treet TR 100cc Features:

  • Four Stroke, OHV (Air Cool) Engine
  • Kick Starter System
  • Wet multi-plate type 4 Clutch
  • Four-Speed Constant Mesh (Multi-disc wet type clutch) Transmissions
  • Digital Speedometer, Odometer
  • Indicators Lights, Turn Signal indicator, Neutral Position indicator
  • Telescopic Fork Travel 9.4mm Front Suspension
  • Swing Arm Travel 84mm Back Suspension
  • 7 Liters and 1.5 Liter Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity

Specification of Treet TR 100cc

Engine Type Air Cooled, 4 Strock OHV

Bore & Stroke 50.0 x 49.5 mm

Brake System Drum Break (F & R)

Starting type Kick Starter

Frame Back Bone Type

Front Suspension Center Axel from 277 Tubes

Back Suspension Spiral Spring

Size Length X Width X Height 1885mm x 815mm x 1190mm

Front Tyre 2.50 – 17 4PR

Rare Tyre 2.50 – 17 4PR

Dry Weight 92kg (180 lbs)

Color Red / Black

Treet TR Fuel Average

The fuel average of this bike is much better than most other bikes that are available in Pakistan. The majority only give 30-40 km on a single tank, but the range with two tanks can reach up to 50 kilometers! This makes it an excellent choice for people who need greater distance between fill-ups and so they’re getting their money’s worth out if it while still enjoying convenience too; whereas some may find themselves running low before even finishing one journey due to how often you’ll want to drive around town or go shopping errands during busy days
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Further, you can gather all information from this page as well if they will change the specs and features then we will update the people who are interested. Moreover, Treet TR 100cc Model Price in Pakistan 2022 is available on this page.

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