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Mahana Ubqari Digest January 2022 Download – Ubqari Read Online} Magazine is a monthly Urdu and Islamic-based magazine that has been published since January 2022 from Lahore. It boasts millions of readers in different parts throughout the world, making it one worth checking out if you’re looking for some new material! Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai is the key person of Ubqari magazine and a famous Hakeem also Editor of Ubqari magazine who wrote a number of health and spiritual articles in

Ubqari Magazine writers are famous Islamic Scholars and Sufi’s that showed the right path to the readers. Ubqari Digest has taken the responsibility to work for the betterment of humanity. The wisdom of Ubqari’s words is known to be helpful for many in the Muslim community. The “Wazaif” (procedures), which were created by this book, provide great stress relief and help with daily tasks like prayer; they can also act as sources of guidance when one does not know what decision or action would bring about beneficial results
A passage from Ube’Qaric verses reads:
O, people! Do not let your deeds go unnoticed so that you do them again at another time. And if somebody sees his enemy doing good works then praise him rather than say nothing because silence gives consent.”

Ubqari Magazine January 2022 Read Online

The article published in Ubqari Magzine January 2022 edition is as below. It also contains much effective health cares as well as spiritual health tips.

Downloading Restriction of Ubqari Magazine January 2022 We have received a number of emails and messages about downloading Ubqari Magazine in January 2022. USA, Australia, the United Kingdom & Canada are the places where the readers want a soft copy of Ubqari. The lack of demand for ubqari magazine in countries with low literacy rates was proven when many readers asked to receive their copy as PDFs. We responded by providing them access, but it is hoped that this does not compromise the quality or authenticity if printed versions are desired at some point down the line!

Ubqari Magazine January 2022 Download

However, they are still pressing hard for the same. This buyer act affects the crash down the monthly sale out of printed copies. The Ubqari Foundation has the right to publish and distribute magazines. They are one of many branches that make up this organization, which also includes newsrooms for TV channels as well as radio stations in addition to various other departments responsible for disseminating information across all areas under its purview.”

Ubqari Digest January 2022

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Ubqari Digest Jan 2022 Free Download PDF.

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