Ursus Tractor 4512 Price In Pakistan 2022 – Ursus Tractor Price

The Ursus business has retained its reputation as a leader in the production of agricultural tractors and machines. They’ve put up a fleet of powerful trucks, with the Ursus 4512 tractor topping the list. This truck is more powerful, aggressive, and fuel efficient when compared to other trucks. It has eight forward and two reverse gears, producing 66 horsepower (HP), which is ideal for heavy-duty applications. This page contains information about the Ursus Tractor 4512 Price in Pakistan 2022, so you can quickly comprehend the showroom invoice. This machine is outfitted with all of the most up-to-date technologies, as well as a more efficient design and aggressive appearance. It has creative and appealing tyres, ground clearance, and chaises. If you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable tractor, we’ve included the Ursus Tractor 4512 Price in Pakistan 2022 along with specifications and photos.

Ursus Tractor 4512 Price in Pakistan 2022

  • Ursus Tractor 4512 Price in PKR
Rs. 11 Lakh

Ursus Tractor 4512 Design and Performance:

Despite its all-new appearance and specifications, the tractor retains its conventional appearance. It includes trapezium air intake and dual headlights. The Ursus 4512 tractor stands out from other trucks because it includes front and rear mudguards, as well as a quality seat with armrests and backrest. The front-side water-cooled engine is equipped with diesel naturally aspirated direct injection technology, producing 66 horsepower and 1400 NM of torque at RPM. Its heavy-duty tyre displacement ensures optimal traction on slick and muddy conditions. This tractor’s overall performance is fantastic and inspirational, and you will want to buy it if you like it. But first, have a look at the table of specifications for this Ursus 4512 model tractor.

Ursus Tractor 4512 Price in Pakistan 2022

Before we talk about the price, let’s take a look at the specifications. The reason for this is so that we can compare pricing and quality before determining your needs. The tractor is currently available in Pakistan for the sum of Rs. 11, 50, 000/- Rupees. You are now informed that these are not exact prices because different dealers have varied margins for service, maintenance, and, of course, shipment charges, which vary by area.

Ursus 4512 Tractor Specifications:

  • Technical Data
ENGINE [brand and model]URSUS 4410
Engine typediesel, naturally aspired, direct injection, water-cooled
Power, kW / HP at rpm48,5/66 at 2000
Torque, Nm at rpm232 at 1400
Swept volume, cm3 / no. of cylinders4065 / 4
Air filteroil bath type
Fuel tank capacity, l80
  • Transmission
Clutchdry, double-disc
Gearbox8F + 2R with epicyclic reduction unit
Rear-axlewith a mechanic differential lock and planetary hubs
Front axlethree-section type
Maximum speed, km/h30
  • Power Take-Off
Typelive- proportional to engine speed
PTO speed at engine speed, rpm540
Shaft diameter, mm / No. of splines35/6
  • Hydraulic Lift System
Functionsdraft, positional to engine speed
Hydraulic pomp oil flow, l/min26.7
Nominal pressure, MPa18
Hydraulic lift capacity, kg2500
External hydraulics spool valvessingle (2 quick couplings)
Three-point linkage systemcat. 2
  • Steering System
  • Braking System
Service brakeoil-immersed, disc type, mechanically actuated together or independently
Parking brakemechanical, hand operated
  • Wheels And Treads
Front / rear wheels7,5 – 16 / 18,4-30
Front/rear treads, mm1400, 1500, 1700, 1800
HITCHESdrawbar, front hitch
  • Dimensions & Weights
Length / Width / Height , mm3780 / 1850 / 2300
Wheelbase, mm2300
Ground clearance, mm410
Weight without ballast weights, kg2660
STANDARD EQUIPMENTfront fenders, plow lamp, front weights – 100 kg


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