Yamaha YBR 125 Price in Pakistan 2022 Review Average Pics, specs

At first, the Yamaha YBR125 was only available in black colors. This did not satisfy everyone and so they launched a few variants of it with different color options including red! Now there are even more choices for those who want to customize their bike or buy one as gift Set up your own price on this page before its gone forever!.
The world has been featuring sports activities since time immemorial because we all enjoy going out together having fun while exercising our bodies too which helps us stay healthy, With the passage of time, great technologies were made, the health-promoting mechanisms evolved and emerged in new forms. The two-wheeled automatic called motorcycle was developed to serve as transpiration. As we know that several bike companies introduced several types of bikes.

Yamaha YBR 125 2022 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha has been a name to know in the world of bikes. The company offers more than just motorcycles and scooters, but also vehicles like ATVs for those who want something different from what’s out there on offer elsewhere!
Mentioning durability as one reason why Yamaha products are popular would get your point across well because these machines can take quite some punishment before giving way under pressure – which means they’ll last longer too once you’ve paid off that initial cost by saving money each month through owning fewer cars/trucks etc., all while enjoying riding safely outdoors instead of stuck inside terrible traffic jams EVERY SINGLE DAY AROUND THE YEAR!!!! The Dawood Yamaha Limited (DYL) has recently launched an advanced version of the sports motorbike, YD-125 Sports. Yamaha DYL yd 125 hits all the records in the markets due to its brilliant quality and durability.

YBR 125PKR 188,000Racing Blue, VIVID Cocktail Red, Metallic Black
YBR 125GPKR 197,000Racing Blue, VIVID Cocktail Red, Metallic Black
YBR125Z DXPKR 182,500VIVID Cocktail Red, Metallic Black
YB125ZPKR 169,000VIVID Cocktail Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Bue

Yamaha 125 New Model 2022 DYL yd has a classic design that’s perfect for any rider. It features stylish colors, unique shapes and specifications to meet your preference in bike styling or color matching with other vehicles on the road!
Mileage: Upkeep requirements are low due its easy-to-clean exterior materials; however there is no information about engine size available at this time so we’re not entirely sure how efficient it will be when commuting through long distances daily

Yamaha 125 Petrol Average Per Liter

The average fuel economy of the Yamaha 125 Petrol is higher than expected and it seems that there are two reasons for this. First, when you change some specifications invariants such as power output or torque distribution between wheels but keep others constant; then these changes can cause different vehicle behaviors during steady state cruising conditions which leads us to believe they may account at least partially towards explaining why we see differing ranges in observed averages per liter across various models/variants within each category (such as car vs motorcycles).
It’s possible one factor contributed more so than another here–it, As per some sources, Yamaha 125 is providing 50 Km on one-liter petrol. This is a fuel-efficient bike.

Yamaha YBR 125

Yamaha YBR

YBR 125G

YBR 125G

Yamaha YB125Z-DX

Yamaha YB125Z-DX

Yamaha YB125Z

Yamaha YB125Z

Engine Power:

The Yamaha DYL yd 125’s powerful engine has been one of the best selling points for this vehicle. It provides a sense that you can do anything with your new bike and it will still be there when times get tough, which is exactly what every person wants in their patrol cycles!

Yamaha 125 New Model Features:

Yamaha DYL YD125 Features:

  • High power Engine of the sports bike that makes it unique is Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, OHV.
  • Maximum torque of the bike is (N.m/rpm) 6/7000 rpm
  • The lubrication system that keeps the bike running is Wet-Sump
  • Ignition System that is the first basic thing you would want to know is 12V/CDI
  • Fuel Tank Capacity so that you never have to stop on your way is 12.5 Liter.
  • Kick start your bike as the starting system allows you to.
  • The overall length of the bike is 2000mm; width and height are 750mm and 1250mm respectively.

Yamaha DYL YD 125 Specifications:

  • Engine Type Air-Cooled, 4-Stroke, SOHC
  • Displacement 123 Cc
  • Bore & Stroke 54.0 × 54.0 Mm
  • Compression Ratio 10.0:1
  • Maximum Power [email protected],500 Rpm
  • Maximum Torque 10.40N.M / 6,500 Rpm
  • Starting System Electric Start
  • Lubrication Wet sump
  • Cylinder Layout Forward Inclined Single Cylinder
  • Clutch Type Wet, Multiple Disc
  • Ignition System DC CDI
  • With Oil And Fuel 126kg
  • Fuel Supply Carburetor
  • Primary/Secondary Reduction Ratio 3.400/3.214
  • Transmission Type Constant Mesh 4-Speed
  • Gear Ratios 1st=3.000, 2nd?1.687, 3rd:=1.200, 4th=0.875
  • Caster/Trail 26.4 Degree/90 Mm
  • Frame Type Diamond
  • Battery 12 V, 5.0 Ah
  • Headlight 12 V, 35W/35 W X 1
  • Suspension(Front/Rear) Telescopic/Swing Arm
  • Brake Type(Front/Rear) Drum/Drum
  • Tyre Size (Front/Rear) 2.75-18? 4PR/3.00-18 6PR
  • Seat Height 795mm
  • Overall Length X Width X Height 2,065mm X 730mm × 1,100mm
  • Wheelbase 1300mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance 180mm
  • Engine Oil Volume 1.1 Liters
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 13.6 Liters

All the prices of all Yamaha variants are mentioned on this page, but you can also check out their complete specifications and features. As well as, power is almost same between different engines due to some specializations like number or type (engine) being different for each variant respectively – see below!,  On the other hand, all the bikes exist in Pakistan and are easy to available besides in major cities of Pakistan they have built outlets for the facilitation of the people. In addition, for the maintenance of the motorbike, they have built some workshops where expert staff exist all the time who will repair your bike.

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